"Bridgett is incredibly organized and is always several steps ahead, thinking of details or anticipating things not everyone would think of, which makes things run very smoothly and efficiently.  She removes worry before you even know there's anything to worry about.  If Bridgett were planning an event for me, I wouldn't be worried about a thing.  She's a natural when it comes to thinking of the big picture and the most minute details and figuring out how to get things to work smoothly.  She's very good at delegating and working with others to get things done, does it cheerfully and is always willing to offer help."
Karen Q.

"Bridgett is an energetic, organized and positive planner!  She is creative, innovative and detail orientated.  When it comes to planning large scale events or small intimate meetings, she is cost conscience and professional, from start to finish."

Amber R."She does a fabulous job of creating order and turning  the chaos into great conference planning."
Sarah G.